Nin Jiom ChuanBei Anti-Cough 6s

Relieve cough, ventilate lungs, dissolve phlegm

– clears away heat to relieve cough as well as dyspnea (shortness of breath)
– recommended for ‘cold coughs’ where there is thick white or yellow phlegm

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Nin Jiom’s Traditional Chinese Medicine is made by extracting and refining essences from authentic natural Chinese herbs, then condensed into granules. The all-natural ingredients promise an ultra-safe remedy without side effects. The sachet packaging also ensures easy, clean and convenient consumption.

STRENGTHS OF NIN JIOM TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE-Synergising traditional herbal wisdom with state-of-the -art production technology
– Extracted from all-natural Chinese herbs, without added chemical substances and Western medicine ingredients
– Retain the gentle characteristics of traditional Chinese herbal medicine with no side effects
– Safe, clean and with guaranteed efficacy
– Granules can be easily consumed and absorbed by our bodies
– Refinement using low-temperature vacuum technology to remove impurities
– All ingredients have passed stringent tests for heavy metals, agricultural pesticides and insecticides, microorganisms and effective constituents, as well as meeting international Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

Price stated is for 1 carton, each carton contains 24 boxes of Nin Jiom ChuanBei Anti-cough 6s.