Santecare IBI-246 (Wild Tomato Extract) Mosquito Patch 12s

12 boxes per carton

SanteCare is produced in Italy by GMP and ISO9001 certified factory using natural ingredients, state-of-the-art patented production technologies and adherence to stringent quality control processes. SanteCare IBI Patch uses a patented Technology to embody the Wild Tomato extract IBI-246 in microcapsules. By scratching the Patch, the microcapsules are broken and release the repellent. It is important to scratch the patch after applying the patch to release the repellent.

Also available in Spray form.

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An advanced mosquito repellent with patented Wild Tomato Extract IBI-246 embodied in a patch by patented technology, clinically proven to prevent Aedes Aegypti mosquito bites for 12 hours to protect against Zika and Dengue. According to North Carolina State University findings, IBI-246, a natural compound found in wild tomato can confuse mosquitoes in recognizing human beings thus protecting humans from mosquito bites.

– IBI-246 is Certified effective and safe by US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
– Deet free, All Natural
– Suitable for children above 6 months and adults