Beiklin Tongkat Ali 60s

– Tongkat Ali, Radix Eurycoma longifolia, enhances man’s health, vitality and performance
– Beiklin Tongkat Ali is scientifically extracted and freeze dried to ensure high purity and quality
– Manufactured, packed and tested in Singapore under stringent GMP standards to meet Singapore government regulations and ensure quality, efficacy and safety.
– No preservatives

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The BEIKLIN brand of Tongkat Ali is produced from the root according to stringent scientific extraction and freeze drying methods to ensure each 50mg capsule contains 50mg of pure Tongkat Ali extract. It is 100% natural and water soluble which improves absorption by your body. Other non-standardised products produced by traditional pounding method only contain 1% of active Tongkat Ali and 99% wood dust; a 50mg capsule has only 0.5mg Tongkat Ali. BEIKLIN Tongkat Ali’s 50mg capsule contains 50mg pure extract and quality is assured as each batch is tested in accredited pharmaceutical laboratory in Singapore.