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How not to use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is perhaps the greatest networking tool of our time. When utilized correctly it's better than a Rolodex on steroids. LinkedIn allows you to build and more importantly, leverage your network.

However, like many powerful tools, it can be dangerous when used incorrectly. When you choose to misuse this tool, you are the one who looks unprofessional or immature.

Don't be a stalker: Being a stalker can make you appear anywhere from creepy to dangerous. I was surprised when I started to realize an employee I had fired at a previous company was stalking me on LinkedIn. Every couple of weeks this individual would look at my profile. It is beyond my compression to explain why, but it was definitely creepy to observe.

There is an easy solution to this Tren 75 Stack situation now. LinkedIn finally added a "blocking" feature. The day this new feature was introduced, problem solved. Just remember, whatever you do on LinkedIn, don't be a stalker.

Don't oversell: Yes, it's great to expand your network on LinkedIn, but be careful not to oversell. If someone you "Anaboliset Aineet" don't know directly does accept your invitation to connect, be sure your first email to them is not about selling a service or product. LinkedIn is about building a network, Gensci Jintropin a network for the long term, not placing a hard sell on someone you don't know.

Don't post negative or derogatory comments: Guess who looks bad when you post derogatory comments on LinkedIn? That's right, the person who posts them. Let's consider one example. Someone you don't like writes a post on LinkedIn. A person in your network then shares this post and you see it.

Never, ever make a comment like, "This guy was fired at his last job for incompetence and you should never consider working with him." Guess who looks like the moron? Additionally, if the person who wrote the original post was not fired for incompetence, you just opened yourself up to potentially being sued for libel. Yes, these types of comments are actually posted by individuals that have no clue on how to act like a professional. Be sure you are not one of them.

Don't "Anabolika Definition" post Testosterone Propionate 100mg negative comments about a previous employer: Someone I know recently accepted a new job. He made a very positive post about his new role and the company he had joined. Some contacts in his network posted notes of congratulations, then, one caught my eye.

Someone who had previously worked at the company wrote, "Good luck with that, you are going to need it." So who looks bad here? Not the company or the new employee, but the person who wrote the comment. Sure, not every person will be the right match for every company's culture, but holding a grudge for the next decade and making posts such as this leave others with less than a positive image of 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone you.

Don't lie about your credentials: Occasionally I'll see someone's embellished profile that was a co worker from the past. Maybe someone in sales writes that they made their sales quota every quarter while at a specific company and those of us who worked there know otherwise. The world and particularly a specific industry are very small with limited degrees of separation between individuals. You risk not getting Testosterone Enanthate Cycle that next job and even your reputation if you're not honest about your past. It's fine to focus on your best skills and achievements, but don't lie about them. Honesty is always the best policy and it allows you to sleep Buy Viagra Berlin well at night.

Go forward and use LinkedIn as the great networking tool that it is, but keep in mind it is a tool for professionals. Your experience with this tool and everyone in your network's experience will be that much better when you use it as a professional.