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Beiklin HVM (High Potency Vitamins and Minerals) is a comprehensive formulation. Each capsule contains a balance combination of 24 Vitamins and Minerals. It is indicated for relief of exhaustion (e.g. caused by stress), tiredness, feeling of weakness, and vitality deficiency. It also helps prevent and treat symptoms caused by ill-balanced or deficient nutrition. Dosage: The recommended daily dosage for adult is one capsule per day. The capsule should preferably be taken in the morning with food.

BEIKLIN Tongkat Ali 60 caps


BEIKLIN Tongkat Ali (scientifically known as Eurycoma Long folia) is a traditional herbal medicine to enhance men’s health and vitality, and supports male ageing and performance. The BEIKLIN brand of Tongkat Ali is produced from the root according to stringent scientific extraction and freeze drying methods to ensure each 50mg capsule contains 50mg of pure Tongkat Ali extract. It is 100-Percent natural and water soluble which helps absorption into your body. Other non-standardised products produced by traditional pounding method only contain 1-Percent of active Tongkat Ali and 99-Percent wood dust. a 50mg capsule has only 0.5mg Tongkat Ali. BEIKLIN Tongkat Ali’s quality is assured. every batch is tested in accredited pharmaceutical laboratories in Singapore.

BEIKLIN Red Yeast Rice 60 caps


BEIKLIN Red Yeast Rice contains 100-Percent natural high grade red yeast rice scientifically produced by fermenting the red yeast strain, Monascus Purpureus, on premium rice. BEIKLIN Red Yeast Rice contains several natural compounds known as monacolins, which block the production of blood lipid,cholesterol,in the liver. One of these monacolins, Monacolin K, has the same structure as the anti cholesterol drug Lovastatin. Each BEIKLIN Red Yeast Rice capsule contains 550mg of standardised red yeast rice with 0.9-Percent of Monacolin K, the highest Monacolin K content in the market, and significantly reduce blood lipids.